Rhode Island Based E-Learning “Edu.Biz” Start-Up “Informed Decisions IT” (IDIT) Begins tentative partnership discussions with India’s Premier I.T.& Mobile Develop corp. “Tech Affinity”. While not finalized, IDIT’s CIO, Dan Mer, replied “my team and I look forward to whats to come as talks progress and hopefully in 2014 we can increase our service offerings to clients outside of New England”. Further, he explained that by collaborating with Tech Affinity’s technical offshore capabilities as a leading giant in India’s mobile app dev. market, Informed Decisions IT can broaden its scope & presence in the growing US E-Learning market. Both corporations see mutual benefit, as IDIT re-designs its business model, from starup mode to baby stepping towards becoming a recognized “Edu.Biz” marketing “new E-Biz on the block”, embedded in the client side of the trending e-learning/tech twitter scene.

In general The US E-learning Industry is predicted to increase in market share between in 2014-2016 and more growth in the e-learning industry can be seen by ASTD recent publication:” “2013 State of the Industry Report”. For more info on Informed Decisions IT, please check out http://www.informeddecisionsit.com